About Us

Africa Skills Hub is a youth INGO based in Accra, Ghana and working throughout the African continent to build skilled Africa youth as agents of change using social enterprise paradigm which involves the application of disruptive approaches to community and grassroots development.

When Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises thrive, sustainable economies are built, this is why our six thematic areas are focussed on equipping the YOUTH with entrepreneurship and employability skills.

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The program really met my expectations. I got to discover myself and got a sense of direction about my professional and personal growth.

Elisha Adu-Darko

"There are several courses you can choose from. I really enjoyed each session of the online class. There was several students in that class and with this I’ve learned to appreciate different perspectives towards achieving a goal."

Kevin Amanquah

"The training has been very impactful. It’s different than what we do in school. It is more practical and provided an understanding of what is expected of us in the corporate world."

Ruth Angso

"AIA really stressed teamwork. You have to have certain qualities to work effectively in a team and I learned to appreciate different perspectives towards achieving a goal."

Caleb Nyanor



People impacted so far


Young Business Startups & MSMEs Trained


% of graduates from Africa Skills Hub are females between the ages of 15-35


% of graduates employed within 90 days of program completion