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Who We Are

Africa Skills Hub is a youth INGO based in Accra, Ghana and working throughout the African continent to build skilled Africa youth as agents of change using social enterprise paradigm which involves the application of disruptive approaches to community and grassroots development.

The Career Pathways Module (CPM) comprises Digital Skills, Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurial Skills. Our approach- which combines both online and face-to-face with interactive sessions ‘Work Integrated Learning’ requires every young person to undergo a particular skills training to get an Africa Skills Badge.

This initiative sought to create a skills mindset among young people across Africa. At the Africa Skills Hub, skills acquisition is the centre of our work as SKILLS have become the global currency of the 21st century.

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Why Africa Skills Hub

The African continent is projected to have the largest workforce by 2030 yet youth unemployment presents a huge crisis. Across the continent, more than 90% of the 10 million university graduates each year do not find jobs, with an average 5-year lag before most find their first job. Without work, many are disillusioned and apathetic, seeking to leave their countries or embarking on unsafe trips through the Sahara and Mediterranean.

Yet, organizations are struggling to source the management talent needed to service this rapid growth, while young Africans lack the skills needed to secure jobs or start successful businesses. Again is the lack of interest by young Africans to acquire hands-on skills for better careers in the informal sector which is largely the continents biggest contributing sector in terms of Gross Domestic Product.



For the next decade, Africa Skills Hub intends to empower one million young women and girls in Ghana and Africa through entrepreneurship and skills development. This is targeted at equipping women and girls with 21st Century skills and opening up closed sectors such as non-traditional and technology sectors to women and girls.


Our Access to Market Initiative provides a platform (www.africanamarket.com) for micro, small and medium enterprises to go to market. It is designed to position entrepreneurs and their authentic African made products in the digital and global economy.


Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs is an initiative by Africa Skills Hub to build the capacity of entrepreneurs by providing them with training in effective business development, market intelligence, and access to the Africa Skills Hub and Whitehall Advisors MSME Fund.


This is a world-class employability training program that aims to equip young professionals with technical skills as well as soft skills to help them excel in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Our aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by training young professionals through internship programs and giving them the chance to gain work experience within the same facility.


We aim to assist our clients to build well-defined, value added businesses that can compete effectively and operate efficiently. We specialize in Research and Development processes, marketing, Corporate Business Solutions, Market analysis, Project implementation, etc. with hands on expertise to give you the best value for your investment.


At Africa Skills Hub, it is our passion to bring community development closer to the doorstep of the most dilapidated communities. As a result, we employ advocacy and media engagement to highlight various problems faced by the vulnerable youth (women and children) in order to attract solutions for implementation.

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ASH Women's Economic Empowerment Committee

This is a working group made of up academia, industry, social & development practitioners and gender advocates.

  1. Anatu Ben -Lawal - ASH (Chairperson)
  2. Dr Mame Yauto - ASH Senegal
  3. Dr Nazia Ibrahim - Lecturer, University for Development Studies
  4. Erasung Hadijah - Social Entreprenuer
  5. Victoria Awuni - Assistant Lecturer, University of Development Studies
  6. Afua Ohene Ampofo - Development Planner and SME Development Specialist
  7. Golda Addo - Devcelopment, Monitoring and Evaluation, Policy
  8. Fatima Alimohamed - CEO at African Brand Warrior & Chairperson - Agribusiness Sector AGI
  9. Adazewa Otoo - Policy Specialist E money at Alliance for Financial Inclusion
  10. Akua Ampah - Career Development Advisor