Deliberate effort needed to create culture of innovation to improve economy

Deliberate effort needed to create culture of innovation...

Programme Director of Africa Skills Hub, Anantu Ben-Lawal has called for a deliberate effort to create a culture of innovation if Ghana intends to turn its economy around.

She said there is the need to begin teaching innovation at the lower levels of education up to the university and a departure from the ’chew and pour” system to develop a framework that will enable the students to explore.

Miss Anatu added that universities should begin to look at designing programmes that are marketable to the business community.

“Our society is a reflection of what you put in,“ she emphasis.

She said this at the first in a series of innovation seminars organized by the Innovation Communication Department of the University for Development Studies (UDS) Nyankpala.

According to her, innovative technology creates new knowledge that enables one to create jobs and maximises time.

Miss Anatu said another problem is politicians lack the expertise to lead the quest towards developing the environment for business to strive.

She, however, called for collaboration between entrepreneurs to build big brands that can compete with the rest of the world.

Miss Anatu called on governments to develop business hubs to unearth new talents by teaching the youth about innovative businesses, support them with startup funds.

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