Academic Credit

Many universities in Africa require that students complete an Internship as part of their degree course in order to graduate. We are expertly familiar with Work Integrated Learning techniques.
We assist students who go through our internship program to meet and exceed these requirements and have an additional edge over their peers.

Corporate Benefits

Africa Skills Hub provides dynamic, creative interns for hundreds of host companies in Ghana and abroad across a range of career fields. Over the years, our host companies have benefited from our interns’ global insights and fresh ideas.

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University Benefits

  • ✓ The appeal of degrees to prospective students
  • ✓ Increase in employability and outbound mobility to Africa university students
  • ✓ Preparation of students for success in a globalized world
  • ✓ Connect with the university’s alumni community abroad.
  • ✓ Soft profiling of the university brand across the world.

Student Benefits

  • ✓ Practical application of career field and country-specific knowledge in the world’s most exciting economies.
  • ✓ Stand out from your peers with a strong resume/CV increase employability domestically and internationally.
  • ✓ Gain first-hand experience in international professional and cultural settings in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Togo, or the UK.
  • ✓ Employability/differentiation in the home country and internationally
  • ✓ Potential future employment with international companies across the world.