WELI Beneficiaries


Catalysing Gendered Innovations in Post Covid Northern Ghana


The Food & Beverage Incubation is a program of the Women Entrepreneurial Livelihood Initiative implemented through the Africa Skills Hub, a national youth incubator In Ghana and in Senegal. It is partnered by Canada World Youth and partly financed by Global Affairs Canada

The Suhuyini Food and Beverage Incubation is a new platform set up to catalyse food innovations in northern ghana due to rising levels of gender and social inequality of women. 100 young women in three cohorts of 33-34 each will be given the opportunity to experience unique learning experiences delivered through various COVID recognised protocol methods such as e-coaching, e-learning, peer to peer networking, business training, access to market, and sexual and gender-based violence advocacy program.

The sexual and gender-based advocacy program will simultaneously be underway in various communities and will include outreaches, dialogues with community leaders including prominent male figures in the Islamic communities, speak out speak up dialogues, among the youth, sensitization on various topics that enable community cohesiveness.


Rural women in Tamale and its surrounding districts were already vulnerable due to high unemployment, and most were engaged in the informal sector carrying out often precarious jobs some of which were exploitative. Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) were facing further challenges due to gender inequities and the pandemic is deepening these pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in the social, political, and economic systems.

Food Incubation is intended to assist mostly young women who double as food entrepreneurs in developing and scaling up their unique innovations by focusing on unlocking food innovations which is a low hanging fruit in northern Ghana. With support from experts and partners, food entrepreneurs will be able to access markets internally and externally while increasing their earnings.





Nneka Foundation is the implementation consultant that runs the palm oil co-operative in Volta Region with the focus – palm nut and how to fully utilize all the parts of the plant. Aside from this, the focus is also on how to:

  • Better meet global standards and criteria
  • Improve the processes used currently by the co-operative to extract, process, and package palm oil.
  • Improve standardization and certification/licensing in order to be able to sell to a wider market.
  • Improve packaging and follow it through to better branding and marketing results
  • Increase the number of farms in order to have larger yield and produce more to make logistical savings on all aspects of the production and transporting and sales
  • Build capacities and physical infrastructure to make the operations of the co-operative more efficient and closer to benchmarks.



BSM is an all-women cooperative investing in aromatherapy in rural areas in the region of Thiès (Keur Samba, Sandiara etc.). Through handmade production, BSM provides bio and natural products for aromatherapy from raw materials like shea butter, carrot, cucumber, avocado, lemon, ginger etc.

BSM offers a wide range of products for skincare (body and face) and hair like shampoo, body lotion and cream etc. A dietary supplement as natural therapy is part of their offering and relaxing oils (rhinitis treatment) and a couple of balms for treatment of allergies, and infections.

BSM aims at developing the activity and maintaining jobs of women while building their capacities in transforming local products into bio aromatherapy (soaps, body lotion, cream, balms, oils, deodorant etc.). The program intends working with 2000 women in the cooperative but will select 50 for the scale-up aspect of the program.


Community outreach, Community Radio based advocacy programs, Business Trainings, Scale-up of Aromatherapy Products, Community Radio Trainings, Engagement with traditional authorities, VSLA, Psychosocial support etc.


The WELI project will use women's networks such as Queen Mothers associations to train and build capacity for women in the various municipalities to strengthen their capacities and improve on sexual and gender based violence advocacy.